Grow with Us

Yourganic Farm is located in Corvallis, Montana, the heart of the Bitterroot Valley.  We live on a diverse acreage with cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, and a colorful array of produce. We have been farming as a family in the Bitterroot for almost 25 years. Throughout this time friends, family and even strangers have called to ask Leon questions about their livestock, vegetables and soil. It happened so regularly that we used to joke that he get a hotline called “Ask Leon.” The joke has manifested into a service; our goal now is to share what we have learned.

Our mission is to educate, assist and encourage others to grow food using sustainable methods.  We present ways of cultivation to improve soil health, increase plant diversity, boost overall biodiversity, and contribute to local food resiliency. We encourage growers to explore alternate designs and ideas to further the development of regenerative agriculture.

We are committed to:

  • teach practical ways of growing food
  • build soil health
  • reduce water usage
  • introduce the concept of plant diversity
  • increase habitat for pollinators, insects, and wildlife
  • expand ideas of how to grow a garden

We offer a variety of products and services to help you tend the land. Whether you need a boost for your garden soil or fresh ideas for your homestead we’re here to help support your goals.

While we support folks growing their own food we know this isn’t possible for everyone. With this in mind we sell pastured-raised meat and some of the best tasting vegetables in the valley.



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