Ways to Enhance the Soil

Applying mycorrhizal fungi to the roots of a pepper plant
Applying mycorrhizal fungi to the roots of a pepper plant

We sell a variety of products that support soil health, nourish flora and make growing your garden more successful.

Compost: Our compost is a mixture of manure from our cattle and sheep with locally sourced chemical-free hay or straw. It’s heated to 140 degrees and turned several times with the manure spreader to create a rich, easy to work with substrate. Use it to boost nutrients, add organic matter and increase water retention in your soil.

Worm Pooze: Red worms make incredibly nutrient dense castings. Use these castings (or pooze) as an extra boost for houseplants, flower beds, container gardens, potting soil, or vegetable garden.  We sell Worm pooze in bulk and also in convenient 1.5 quart bags.

Red Worms: Add red worms to your compost bin! They are efficient at breaking down and converting organic matter into beautiful compost. We sell red worms in 1 gallon containers in a worm pooze substrate. Add it directly to your bin.

Soil Amendments: We carry mycorrhizal fungi and azomite. Mycorrhizal fungi have a symbiotic relationship with plants, attaching to the root system and effectively extend the root system to draw in more minerals and nutrients.  Azomite is a granular powder with a variety of unique trace minerals. You can apply mycorrhizal and azomite to potting soil, around the base of plants, or onto the roots of transplants.

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