Red Worms For The Compost Bin

Red worms breaking down organic matter.
Red worms breaking down organic matter

Red worms or red wigglers are the smallest of the worm species. They usually live in the top 6 inches of soil but prefer mounds of organic matter. We overwinter red worms in large piles of leaves and hay so that, come spring, we can harvest them for sale and inoculate other worm piles.

Red worms are the easiest way to compost material without having to turn your compost. They live in the top 12 inches of your compost pile, as long as there is moisture. Their castings end up at the bottom of the compost pile and look like black topsoil. This is an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

We sell red worms in 1 gallon buckets so they are easily transportable and can be directly added to your compost bin. They will come as pit run, which will have red worms and red worm eggs in a Worm Pooze substrate.

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