Leon’s Gardening Class Starts February 17

Once again Yourganic Farm is teaming up with O’Hara Commons in this 5 week series on growing a healthy, organic garden.

Leon has been teaching gardening classes for ten years. He helps you plan your garden by presenting the big picture – all the elements you need to consider to create a successful garden. He starts from the ground up 🙂 We start February 17 at 3pm! The first 4 classes will be at the O’Hara Commons. Each class will be approximately 2 hours of lecture, discussion, and Q and A. The final class will be at Yourganic Farm.

This class is for you if:

  • you are new to growing a garden in the Rocky Mountains
  • you need time and money saving tips
  • you want to have a more abundant garden


  • how to improve your soil conditions
  • ways to easily manage irrigation systems
  • how to organically address weeds
  • which vegetable and plant varieties grow well in this climate
  • how to extend the growing season
  • organic methods for pest control

Leon’s Gardening Class

Saturdays: February 17 – March 16

3-5 pm

at the O’Hara Commons



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