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Spring Piglets

7 week old piglets free ranging on the farm
7 week old piglets

It’s been a while since we have had a litter of spring piglets, but this year everything worked out. Rosebud (half Hampshire show pig and half Duroc) gave birth to 11 healthy piglets on February 1, just after the brutal sub-zero weather. Their dad is a Duroc-Berkshire cross.

During the first few weeks the piglets stay close to mom, nursing and playing in their straw bale nest. As they grow and become stronger they get curious and begin to venture out. At first they explore only a few feet from their pen, and run back home snorting and squealing whenever something spooks them. And everything spooks them, they are constantly darting about. However, they quickly become emboldened and have the run of the farm. For about a month they are literally in hog heaven.

We have rounded them up and they are ready for you! Haven’t you always wanted to raise a pig? They are great rooters, can dig up garden spaces, eat kitchen scraps and provide a lot of entertainment. They are great pigs for 4H projects, and small homesteads. Please contact Leon for more info.


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Leon’s Gardening Class Starts February 17

Once again Yourganic Farm is teaming up with O’Hara Commons in this 5 week series on growing a healthy, organic garden.

Leon has been teaching gardening classes for ten years. He helps you plan your garden by presenting the big picture – all the elements you need to consider to create a successful garden. He starts from the ground up 🙂 We start February 17 at 3pm! The first 4 classes will be at the O’Hara Commons. Each class will be approximately 2 hours of lecture, discussion, and Q and A. The final class will be at Yourganic Farm.

This class is for you if:

  • you are new to growing a garden in the Rocky Mountains
  • you need time and money saving tips
  • you want to have a more abundant garden


  • how to improve your soil conditions
  • ways to easily manage irrigation systems
  • how to organically address weeds
  • which vegetable and plant varieties grow well in this climate
  • how to extend the growing season
  • organic methods for pest control

Leon’s Gardening Class

Saturdays: February 17 – March 16

3-5 pm

at the O’Hara Commons



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