Worm Castings for Your Plants

Worm Pooze is an easy way to add nutrients to your plants.
Worm Pooze ready to use

Worms are effective soil digesters. Worm Pooze are the castings left by worms after they eat organic material. The castings contain naturally occurring humates. We add trace minerals to the worm castings and the result is an excellent soil conditioner and plant food.

You can easily mix the Worm Pooze with water, let it infuse, strain it out and apply the liquid solution with a sprinkling can. You can also directly apply it to the topsoil at the base of the plant and watered in. Worm Pooze is odorless so it’s great for houseplants.

You can buy 1.5 quart bags of Worm Pooze through the O’Hara Commons online market. To buy in bulk please contact Leon.

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