Gardening in the Rocky Mountains

Bitterroot Mountains in the spring

Gardening for Beginners

Just starting to garden or new to growing in western Montana?  This 5 week course is for you! Leon covers an array of topics, including but not limited to, soil types, crop rotation, fencing, irrigation and beginning composting. The first 4 classes are interactive lecture (either in person or live online). The last class is a field trip to the farm. Questions are encouraged! We hold classes early spring and late fall.

Regenerative Gardening

These classes go into further depth for the more experienced grower. We pick up where we left off in Gardening for Beginners and take a more in depth look. Topics include soil health, increasing microbial activity and developing humus. This course also explores the fine art of regenerative farming.


Leon conducts workshops on the farm. Topics include seed saving, composting, and pest management.

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