Soil Amendments to Boost Nutrient Load

Azomite is a mixture of trace minerals
Field grade azomite


Azomite is composition of trace minerals. It is organically approved and can be used on pastures, hay crops, vegetables, orchards, and ornamental gardens. When our cattle eat hay grown from an azomite-enhanced field they reduce their supplemental mineral intake by nearly 50%.  We use azomite on our pastures, hay crops and vegetable crops to boost mineral load in our food.

We order field grade azomite in bulk and sell by the pound. Please contact us to purchase.






Mycorrhizal fungi in granular form
Mycorrhizal fungi in granular form


Mycorrhizal fungi is a family of soil fungus that has a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. The fungus attaches to the roots to feed off of the plant’s sugars. As the mycorrhizal grows it channels minerals back to the plant root. Thus the plant feeds the fungi and the fungi provides needed minerals back to the plant. This relationship almost doubles the size of the plant’s root structure. As a result the plant grows larger and uptakes nutrients more easily.

Mycorrhizal fungi does not like to be disturbed. It does well in minimally tilled gardens and no till applications. Once it is established it does not need to be reapplied. However, in situations where the soil is worked the fungi needs to be reapplied. Use this product on pastures, vegetable, orchards and ornamental gardens. We sell an endo-ecto mycrorrhizal fungi blend by the pound. Contact us to purchase.


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