Farm and Garden Consultation

Need some fresh ideas to vitalize your pasture, garden or farm?

Examining soil structure during a garden consultation.
Examining soil structure

 We can address specific concerns and find creative solutions with an on-site consultation!

We can look at: Animal rotation, soil health, pollinator plots, garden design, succession planting, wildlife habitat, crop selection, seed saving, water conservation, pasture health and much more!

How it works

First appointment on-site:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visiting your space gives us an opportunity to see your operation as a whole so we can find solutions that benefit your ecosystem. Before Leon visits your site we will ask you to define your goals. First, consider what is working for your system, then review what’s missing, or out of place. When you schedule Leon will ask you about the land, what you want to focus on and your main objectives.

An on-site consultation is 90 minutes which gives ample time to cover a lot of ground. A consultation can save you money, time and get your project rolling in the right direction. The first consultation is approximately $150 plus travel. We will confirm the fee with you before your appointment.

Follow up phone consultation:

Phone consultations are an excellent way to follow up the on-site consultation for additional questions, next step advice or if you change plans.

$75 per hour

$25 for 15 minutes

Contact Leon to schedule a consultation.

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